tYe.. I know.. I have to confess that I am not as much informed as I want to be. Somehow I am the middle.. I am growing an awareness, but still mäh… not really consequent informing me. I know things have to change, but still.. not sure if I really add to a better world.

Anyways.. the news were talking about the air-traffic a lot lately because of the holidays. As I am never flying I felt very comfortable with myself. But then.. ye.. then I heard a politician saying, that our data-consume of Internet has the SAME amount of CO2 emission as the air traffic.

Beside the fact, that it was a lame try to take away the attention from air traffic (it doesn´t make it less worse comparing it to another emission sin), I started to wonder. How can that be true.

I looked into it and it is true! The more data we use, the more colocation center we need. And that large centers use as much energy as it takes to feed whole cities with electricity, as they have to be cooled down permanentely and so on.

It is a shame, but honestly I never heard of it before, when I think of internet I think of the invisible mystery thing floating through the air, while sending Datas in high resolution. I mean.. that is incredible when you think about it. To me it is.
But I never thought about the large colocation center, thats needed for all the social network datas, the informations etc…
Ofcourse I knew there are colocation center.. but somehow didn´t make the connection to the high data standart we have nowadays… weird how we function. If they don´t push our nose unto the problem, we live in sweet ignorance…

So I felt pretty caught. I have no TV, if I wanna watch something, I have to stream it: using lot data. If I wanna have media entertainment: its all about using data.
And still I get advertising home continuesly, to get more and faster data for my home connection, for my phone…

So.. big question: this world is build on internet lately. And it will not getting less. WHAT CAN I DO? Will it make a difference, when I stop using so much data? When I start to reduce my consumtion?
Beside the fact, that it will do me well, my sould and mind – BUT is it possible to change society to less data use?

A big thing would be to find better systems that safe datas. I hope they are working on that.
Until then, I thought about to take my consequence out of it, at least not going for more data. And to use a bit less of streaming, SoNet and Co..
No facebook was already a big change, honestly I am not so busy anymore thinking in social media. I think it is possible.
But it will be hard to slow down on Amazon prime and Netflix. Its just so nice to watch series at night.. ach ach..
But the again.. I have some really great books still unfinished read..

Ach ach.. IT IS important to change. Even when it feels like a drop on a hot stone.. but if everybody change (we heard it so often.. and it is still true), we can change the misery.