I already mentioned it in a previews article: breathing is healing and here is more about my experience with meditation and my thoughts to it.

First there is to be said: I am not very convinced of religious or spiritual ideas. Whenever something is getting radical or obsessive, I am out. Not just, that I feel uneasy and not comfortable with people being obsessed. It is also, that I lose interest, when I sense it.

Therefor to me, it makes no sense to join groups, meditation ashrams, Yoga groups or whatsoever that is out there. But thats just speaking for myself. It might be very helpful for others.. but that´s not the way it works for me. I have to figure it out for myself with myself and just with myself haha.. Ye… I will never change to be a loner. And I am fine with it. I love people, its just that I need the time, to figure out things for myself.

`nough brabbling..

Meditation helped me. Very much. We all have times where we are hurting, where the mind cannot build one straight thought anymore. Where breathing aches. And the body is getting reactive on the inner chaos. Thats when meditation really helped me. I remembered, how soothing praying was, when I was a child.

So, I sat down, I created me a place to pray, a place decorated and helping me to focus on the meditation. I didn´t mind to bring up all the clishée: listened to calm music, burned the frankincense joss sticks, and I focused my mind to God.

Here is to say: I have no idea how God is defined. I even believe that the act alone of focusing a highness is actually giving the peace. Not a god himself. The inner action of letting the deepest feelings go and hand it out. In a concious gesture, like really putting the mind on it, to visualize it,.. that all helps our mind and soul to understand that we let go. We humans need to realize that we actual do the act of letting go. And there all this rituals kick in.
I believe that not magic is helping us, no God, no hocus pocus… but the mind, that focused on the ritual. That´s what heals. That´s what helps us to regain peace and inner order.

So, ye… I know some people are sceptical of all the spiritual things. I believe all that trallalas are just instruments to help our mind. And it´s OK to imagine a God/Goddess/NatureGhost/Orwhatever.. It´s OK to adress the prayers to something. It is really helping and soothing.

That´s what I did. I especially loved the ritual of cleaning my room with sage-smudges haha.. I don´t believe in ghosts or bad energies. But still.. the feeling of taking action, smoking my apartment to get rid of the bad energies of somebody or something.. may sound weird. But to me, I needed a ritual to clean my mind from things that hurt me

I highly recomment to be a little crazy, smudge-smoke the shit out of you, burn the joss sticks, breathe in and out, cry with the music and fall into exessive trance, when it helps you to understand that life is gonna be OK, whatever happened in your life.
And embrace the peace and joy, when you feel at ease and fall asleep without any fear or pain.
It saved me.
And now, that I overcame brokeness: I still love to meditate. Cause it is just too soothing. And calm. And sweet.
And yes, I have my little shrine. And yes, I may have put a picture of a goddess in it..(Ye, I liked the female version of it), but thats cause I don´t think its of any importance how a god looks. And I am not really believe in it. I just like to adress my thoughts.
Whatever GOD is, it is too big to make a picture of it.
Some days I believe, the neighbours in the house on the other side of the street thought I am crazy. Smoking my apartment, dancing and claping hand to get rid of.. it. But it helped. Oh ye.. it was fun. And I will do again and again.. ahaha

In the end, I really believe it is how I already said: it is the ritual and the action, that helps our mind. And our mind, when focused on the right thing, can heal us and bring us into the right flow, more then people understand.
It is a miracle. How we can get the ball rolling ourself.

And that´s why I believe in meditation!

And a little interesting information in the end: the frankincense smell has a proven calming effect on the mind. There is something special in it that our brain translate into calmness. So if you cannot find peace, it may help to put a frankincense joss stick on and it will help you to calm down a bit and to get at ease.. and also the frankincense ingredient is interesting stuff in medication. Its worth a look into it!

Love, Mimi xox