Let me talk about hope.

I heard people saying, that they don´t believe in hope. That hope is for the naive and dreamers.

Well. I observed a lot lately in my life. And I came to following conclusion.

For people acting out the victim role, hope must be a paradox. If you don´t wanna change anything in your life, the victim role is the best. And hope.. yes.. hope isn´t planned in that life construct.

Hope isn´t a dream, hope is not a hypothetical wish. It has no naive background. And least it is made for those who wanna sit on the sofa and wait.

Hope is a result. From being active. Hope is a result, when we do steps in our life, when things CAN actually grow, cause we give it room. Hope arise, when we see how things CAN change. And we start to taste how there can be even more change. More good growth.

Hope is the reaction of an open mind cooperating with a vision.

And finally: hope is a fire that starts burning in a grateful heart.
Every inner bitterness, hate or negativity is killing all the good, that is waiting for us. You might wonder, why life just give you the shit. And I can just say: stop being negative. Learn how to be grateful.

Start living. Take action and do steps for the good changes. Be grateful for every little step you can do. And out of it grows a future.

And then.. HOPE tastes like the sweetest cake you ever tried. Getting out of a valley and finally see the future again, with its possibilities. To taste THAT hope that rises after the misery: good Lord… it´s better then any dope or drug!

Yes, I am filled with hope again. Hope, that grew from taking steps. Hope, that is not a false projection. Its a hope, leading me the way. That makes me stronger to dare even bigger steps. A hope, that tells me: life is worth to live it.

Big hugs,
Mimi xox