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Mimi Ventura

Hey! Nice to see you here!

I am Mimi Ventura, a Multi Artist.
That means I could never make up my mind of who I am: A Paintress? A Musician? A Writer? So I chosed the only plausible way: to live a life of three while having to live it in one. Ha! Genius!
Follow my struggle/party/adventure/insanity/bliss on my website and be witness of this colourful journey.
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Mimis header video here with sound! 🙂

Bird (New Beginning) by Mimi Ventura
(Lyrics, music, recording by Mimi Ventura, mastered by nootkasoundz, video by Mimi Ventura)

When she went, all she knew
was the land inside of her
and her dreams were like stars
mirrored sunbeams healing the scars

in her dreams she was a bird

and she walked and she danced
every thought became a chance

in her dreams she was a bird

In the wind she closed her eyes,
let herself float in the sky
and her heart beats the poem
of the happiest and loudest song
she ever heard
cause in fact she was a bird
a bird… a bird

She felt rain and the storm
but the pain it was gone
she felt strong could face all
all the wrong dripped off her soul

cause she became the bird

she forgave – broke the seal
she was brave – ready to heal

So free she was as bird

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