Well.. sometimes a line pops up in my mind as Headline and I am wondering now: why haha.. it was there. Just out of the nothing.

For what it’s worth.. i think that put it in word’s how i feel. Neutral. Ok. Not Sad. Not euforic either.

For what it’s worth, everything turned out right. For now. And what will be: we will see.

A new world openend up to me, within Months i learned to know so many new Friends, honest and Deep Friends, with sincere souls, Integrity. It’s like i had to give up the one Thing that Kept me away from true People, to Finally be free to Meet them. I got my reward After all. After all the shit, the world is Opening up.

So.. For what it’s worth, everything is alright.

And how Lucky am I, that I Could get off the Hook before it was to Late. How deeply grateful am I, that life Forced me to be free For happiness. Cause me myself, I would have Tried, Even if it would have Killed me.

For what it’s worth, life turns out well every time for those who were sincere.

I guess that’s karma. I payed my due. Now it’s time to earn the fruits. And to grow a healthy field. Energy slowly pops back. Slowly. Joy comes back. Feelings come back. Visions come back. And most of all: the now that can imagine a future is back.

It sometimes takes time to recover from a bad experience. But if we do, everything becomes a possibility. Everything becomes holy and divine. And everything starts to matter in a beautiful way that gives your direction a new depth.

For what it’s worth. Thank you life.