That´s exactely the time that I´ve wasted of my life up to now!

12,99% is 5 years of my life. To a day!!


And I am realizing, that it is not just too much time, any day more wasted into this, would be a crime to myself.

NO MORE! This is the last thing that will ever be mentioned about the past 5 years. Closing the chapter!
And it feels good. Peaceful and right.

Time to be with people of my age. Light and young.

Time to not ever look back again.

I made the maths… if I am getting – let´s say – 85 years old, this 5 years would have been just 5,88 % of my life. That sounds already better!! I am not giving any more minute to it! Not worth it any second longer! I will spend the last 55,29% of my life careful, mindful and will fill it good and with the right person worth to give my time.

5,88% will be erased. They never happened. They are forgotten. And they will not be remembered in any way. They are dead matter. Cause 5,88% are ok to be just forgotten.

I wish nothing but blessings, happiness and health. No Hard feel..