There is nothing more peaceful then real fluffy snow falling in slow motion to the ground. Covering all up. Like giving life a short break, saying: Don´t look at all the misery right now, do not look at the dirt for a while, just focus the lines and curves of the world. Unpainted. The definition of shape and lines. Just the way it is without the fair wear and tear.
It reminds me that it is good to look at our life seperated from all the joy and pain, just like an observer, to make an objectiv check of what IS and what IS NOT. How our life is shaped. To get some orientation back.
When you did that, it is time to play mahjong with your life. Let the colour back in. The joy and pain.
But then try to not feel it all at the same time.. when you wanna win mahjong, you have to focus one colour, one sign. Just that way, you see the linked partner. I think that after figuring out the shape of life, we have to take it step by step. One colour by colour.. one sign by sign.. play it off.. lay new colours open to be able to continue.
But also when not getting further with one colour, cause the right match isn´t layed open yet, it is important to let that colour go very fast. Don´t waste energy and time by searching for the missing link. Sometimes the things in life can just resolve, when we look on other things first. That seems often like a paradox, but some problems we wanna solve are just not to solve for the now. They have their own time and moment. But they ALWAYS will be solved!

I am playing me through my mahjong game, I figured out some coherences lately, that made me able to let them go and open up the layers underneath. I look through more. Same time new challenges popped up. It is good. It is the flow of life.

Very long I just looked at all the colours same time, I couldn´t even find one step. I needed some winter and snow. And then I had to learn to focus.

And now.. I know what is important and what not. And I won´t give anybody the right anymore to blind my focus. To overwhelm me with his shit and confusion, to make me stuck and numb.
Nobody can do that, it is just an illusion and we ALWAYS have the power to silence the terror, put snow over all, focus the shape, let the colours in and decide which colours we focus on.

It is about finding back to silence. Call it the NOW. And claim what is yours.

Today it snowed. I am ready for the colours of spring. Ready for my colours.
And I wish you the same.

hugzzz, Mimi xox