Some days ago I did read an article about the tendency of this time that everybody thinks s/he is so very very special and needs special treatment and attention, cause of his/her very special composition of being.
It made me think.
Yes, I bought me the book “the highly sensitive person” by Elaine N. Aron, I wondered if I feel more then others, sense more then others. I did read books, and felt very very much different then the rest of the world. And felt so very very much NOT understood..
Now.. I did read that article as I said already, and I felt that mirror hold into my face very strongly haha. Yeah.. we all think we are special. We all think we are highly sensitiv and therefor deserve special treatment.
The question this writer asked was: but what if we are all just NORMAL? What if it is normal that everybody has a past to carry. What if it is normal to feel not every day perfect and having inner fights with how to deal with this world and life?
What if we would treat eachother just normal again? And don´t wait constantly the “Extra-Wurst” for ourself.. as we say in Germany.

And I had to think about that and yeah, I felt like really ashamed of my own childish behaviour and self-pityness.. this stupid celebration of being so different.
Yes.. people are different. Thank god. But THAT IS NORMAL.

And how relieving is the idea, that it is no burden to be different. And nothing special anyway. Let us not make ourself more important than we are..
Instead let´s start to act normal again. And that means in fact to just simply RESPECT everybody. No Extra-Wurst.. no special treatment for us or others. Just simple respect.

We are not the belly button of the world. Nobody is..

On that note: Let´s jump today in our day. Yes, we have our challenges and our very own problems. But everybody has. Let´s be gentle with eachother. And look away a bit from ourself.
Let´s treat this all bit more relaxed and NORMAL.

Cause in the end.. I thought today by myself: all this focusing on being so different and having it more difficult then everybody else – is just an excuse to not face the world. Yes, life scares the shit out of me often. But to hide behind a diffuse cloud of extravagance isn´t the way either.. right?

hugs, Mimi xox