Serendipity isn´t only the most beautiful sounding word, the meaning is as pleasing as the sound.

It´s about the beauty of life, the surpises that come your way, when you don´t expect it. It´s what happening, when you stop overthinking and just start walking. Doing. Living. Breathing. And creating.

And suddenly your path is surprising you with one blessing after another. I cannot count anymore the little and big blessings that I stumbled over the last weeks. All I know is that I am really more then grateful and happy about everything.
The main thing I learned is this: there is room for serendipity-surprises when you start forgiving yourself. What is blocking your life is not a broken heart, neither it is dissapointment. What truely blocks us from embracing life is the fact, that it is hard to forgive ourself: for making mistakes (towards my kids), for letting things happen, for giving room to the wrong person in my life, for wasting so much time on it. When we do not forgive ourself or others, it is like big fat wall, keeping the good out of our life. Keeping the dark inside without the chance to escape..
It took a whole lot of meditation and prayers to change my inner madness into forgiveness. To forgive myself. And the other person.
But with every day that I managed to let go a bit more of the blaming and practising forgiveness, there came here a little serendipity, there a little serendipity. There a new friend, here a great musician collegue, there an unexpected gift, here an unexpected oportunity, there a new job, here another gift, there another new friend, here embracing old friends again, there inspiration for art again, here some blessing, there some blessing.
It is all about forgiveness. To let the air and possibilities back into your life.

And life is getting lighter again. Still working on it.
But also enjoying the days fully again. The regrets gave place to gratefullness. All somehow had to be. All is part of the path.
But the dark valley is behind me and yeah.. I am not looking back.

Serendipity happens.
To those who forgive.

xox, Mimi