There are just too many interesting things out there. Too many creative ways, too many technics to learn, to many beautiful materials and way too many possibilities to mingle them all together.

And way too less time.

In my dream, the optimal situation for me would be: having a big atelier. One corner music recording. Another corner for painting. Another with a giant table, where I can craft. A giant corner just with all the materials I love. And then: just leave me there all day long. Each fucking day.
And I know I would create 24/7h… and my outcome would be giant.

But well haha.. that is in my dream (still dreams can come true… working on that situation) but right now, my atelier is my kitchen cupboard, it is in the corner of my bedroom, it is on my balcony. It basically is there where I find a space between my kid´s stuff. Cause they are everywhere haha.
And they use 90% of my time. Especially little Romi. And that is fine for now. But one day, I will have my space. And time. And I will create all day long without interruption.
Oh sweet sweet future haha.

Beside painting a lot, I lately discovered these new technics and materials, I am experimenting with:

-jewelry with upcycled materlials (So so so so pretty) like old tin cans, chinese ceramics, etc…
-Paper Theaters
-Pressed Flowers used in different ways
-rediscovered Lithografy
-tie dying
-working with wood

in music experiementing right now with:

-using sounds and amps for singing live
-writing new songs

So you all see: I am busy. More productive then ever before. Yet.. I wish I had more time. But it is getting better every day.

And one day!!!! The Atelier! Non stop creating!
Oh sweet sweet future.

But also: sweet sweet now!

xox, a happy Mimi