The thing about the focus is, that it is so easy to lose it.

In a way that is all I had to say today haha. That´s what I am thinking about at moment. Knowing: it is important to stay focused. Knowing how easy I am pushed out of focus. Knowing that I want to focus. Knowing that I don´t know exactely on what. Knowing that there is no “solution” and no “answer”.

Maybe the answer to find my focus, is, to let go of the search.

Maybe the focus should be on de-focus.


Maybe not.

I will report when I´ve found the de-focused focused path..

until then: let´s relax and breathe a little!
hugzzz Mimi xox

Ps.: IT WORKED already! So, now one hour later I had suddenly this brilliant insights:

-to stop forcing myself to do anything that I might be good in, but that comes NOT easy.
that already makes the circle smaller!!!

-now.. take this two or three things that comes without effort to me. And WORK on these! Why trying always that, what is the hardest. Why not going with the flow of the real talents?

tadaaaa.. thats already a better overview.. and already a more sharper picture.

Let´s defocuse more and get the real things going.

Have to write things down, that I shouldn´t try anymore, so I don´t forget it and start trying again. No more waste of time and sweat!

Ps.:Ps:: I correct myself: I should write down the three things I am good in! haha Best fat on the wall over my desk!
Will do that now!!! yeah!