I developed the habit to have my breakfast and to read articles on the website “Psychology Today”. Every day there are professional articles about really interesting themes, written by qualified scientists, doctors and philosophs (no hobby blogger or pseudo intellectuals).

Today there was this little article about Utilitarianism. The philosophy about creating your life/career all around the criterias: where is my potential, how can I invest it best so, me, my surroundings and society/this world can profit from it as well. I won´t write the same article again, you can read the full article here

I really like this approach, as it allows you to fulfill yourself without losing yourself. As I deeply believe that following just egozentric goals concidering just your own good and not of your surroundings or society – will create on the long term no real satisfaction, but leads to burn-out and unhappiness. But that is my subjective opinion.
To fullfil oneself is important. But same time it is important to have an eye for others, to care for our kids and families, and to try to make the world a better place.

If Utilitarianism would be a principle in this world, for employers and workers.. this world would be paradies. Ach ach.. dream on Mimi haha..

Be that as it may: everything starts with ourself!

Let´s be more utilitarians in a world of egozentrics and narcissists!

hugzs, Mimi xox