Think! (Think! Think!)…

We are living in times of having the luxury to have access to more information, data and knowledge then ever before. The paradox thing is, that a bigger souce of information doesn´t mean that the human kind is getting smarter. In fact it seems, we are even more confused then ever

Everybody´s „Extra-Wurst“…

Some days ago I did read an article about the tendency of this time that everybody thinks s/he is so very very special and needs special treatment and attention, cause of his/her very special composition of being. It made me think. Yes, I bought me the book „the highly

Snow, the art of mahjong and how to focus..

There is nothing more peaceful then real fluffy snow falling in slow motion to the ground. Covering all up. Like giving life a short break, saying: Don´t look at all the misery right now, do not look at the dirt for a while, just focus the lines and curves of the world.