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Art is not a Thing. It is a Way


For me, this world is a big composition made of music, visual and words, spiced by happiness and misery. To find the aesthetic balance in whatever happens in my life, motivates me to wrap the moment and experience into something, that reveals the beauty that I feel in it. The challange in this: to not make happiness look juicy, or darkness too heavy.
That is propably the main thing I wanna say about my art and projects.
This is the standard I impose to myself and which makes me my biggest critic. And maybe in the end it is the entity of art, that it always remains above our endproduct, that we will never reach the ultimate vision. But yet we are trying to get there with every creation.
Could sound like a shit load of frustration, but to me, going through that search and progress is like to fly. No better moment than this.

Mimi is a Multi-Artist, Paintress, Singer-Songwriter, Poet and free Spirit, living her art. She is member of the Amsterdam Rembrandt Artists and involved in several musical projects. Beside that she has her own travelling “Mimis Street Gallery”. With that gallery she is travelling through Europe and is selling her art on the street. Making it her own little stage, bringing art and joy to the people. And most of all: being FREE as artist. Free from conventions and the forced forms by the outside world.
Grown up without TV or Computer, Mimi was a non-stop-creating child since she could barely walk herself. Drawing, singing, playing.. all became one and since then not much has changed. Until now she is more the “maker ” and not the consumer, mingling visual, music and her phantasy world to one.
After school Mimi studied Art and Illustration at the Ruhrakademie Schwerte. Many years she ran her own advertising studio. Designing websites, logos, flyers and book covers (also for worldbestselling author Bernard Minier) until she started to miss to create with her own hands and real material.
She went back to her base – being a real heart artist. Paper, Colours, Canvas, Wood, Brushes, Saws, any Tools and whatever thrills her mind was and is used for her creations. There is not one style. And there will never be just one way. Mimis red line in her art is just herself. Which is reflected in all that she does.
As music and writing were always as strong as painting in her life, she started also writing books and her own songs and music. With the years, all of her talents came closer together, the words got musical dressed, the music visual clothed in videos, and more and more, she is coming back to the child she was: playful jumping into art and getting lost in it.
She never believed in competition. As Art is so individual and cannot be compared. Therefor she never joined competitions nor prizes; strongly believing, that art doesn´t need any proof to be. Maybe this aditude will never make her rich, but it is to be said: it makes her happy.

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