Oh spring.. where are thou..

Today my graffiti cans arrived.. my late christmas gift for myself.. slowly I have everything prepared to just start EVERYWHERE.. in my little apartment, on the grafik tablet, in my painting corner and outside in the garage for the big stuff. I totally feel inspiration pumping

Snow, the art of mahjong and how to focus..

There is nothing more peaceful then real fluffy snow falling in slow motion to the ground. Covering all up. Like giving life a short break, saying: Don´t look at all the misery right now, do not look at the dirt for a while, just focus the lines and curves of the world.

The Atelier under the roof…

While trying to build me something up, I figured out that at moment all I am doing is to create a system to be able to ONE DAY build me something up. All my time is spend on optimizing the situation, to create space and time for creating again. Main thing at moment is to

To stand up again..

It might be obvious, that the current time of my life isn´t the easiest. It is not my intention to complain about life on my blog. Neither I wanna act like everything is perfect and great. It isn´t. And that´s OK. All I am trying is to be honest. It is as it is. It is difficult.

A new reality

The moment you let go of the past – and i mean also of all the lies you told yourself about it and about yourself – you create a new reality. This is easier said then done. But I truly believe that it is possible. And I believe that it is time to rewrite the reality

A difficult task, 10 songs.. or how to improve life..

To improve my life I was thinking about several things that I wanted to start again: -yoga (the yoga mat is waiting patiently.. but I am on it!! 😀 ) -changing my habits and improve a daily routine for a better work-flow (slowly slowly we have some results here) -collecting good

I should finally do what I was born for!

All my life I was running away from what I was born for. Everything that felt easy, I thought cannot be the right thing. The important things must feel like work. YOu have to bleed for the good. Thats what I thought. Everything I just could do without any effort seemed to be not

To stay focused..

The thing about the focus is, that it is so easy to lose it. In a way that is all I had to say today haha. That´s what I am thinking about at moment. Knowing: it is important to stay focused. Knowing how easy I am pushed out of focus. Knowing that I want to focus. Knowing that I

Fuck Individualism…

ok… thats a heavy headline.. and even more ironic that it is written by somebody who was always so damn proud to be a real indivual person. I felt so proud being so much different from the norm. I thought. And here I am sitting and wondering, when did it happen that a full

Goodbye 2017.. hello 2018!

What to say about 2017… My Romi Lillesol was born!!! whohooo.. so that´s all that matters. The rest: we have to accept life as it is and let it go. There was joy, there was pain. Everything that happened just created the position we are standing at now. And how we act from